USGS: Injection Wells = Earthquakes

Image from, Updated by CERI, University of Memphis.

Image from, Updated by CERI, University of Memphis.

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake shook the ground near Prague, Oklahoma in 2011, accompanied by 2 other quakes registering magnitudes greater than 5.0. It was felt in 17 states. In fact, the central United States has seen an 11-fold increase in earthquakes in the past four years alone, according to Geology, a widely accepted scientific journal. The affected areas studied in the report included Arkansas, Texas, Ohio and Colorado.

On March 6, 2014, theĀ United States Geological Survey (USGS) released a press statement indicating the Prague, OK earthquake is directly related to the injection well activity occurring in the area. Although unintentional, the evidence shows the earthquakes are human-induced. Despite this risk, authorities in Oklahoma continue to allow waste-water injection near the Wilzetta fault.

In a report from Raw Story, “The 5.7 magnitude quake in Prague followed an injection of waste-water approximately 650 feet away from the Wilzetta fault zone, a complex fault system about 124 miles in length. All three earthquakes exhibited a slip-strike motion, and did so at three different locations, indicating that three separate areas of the fault zone were activated.”

All this comes at a time that Azle, Texas remains “The Town in Search of Truth,” a story we first began with our article, “When Science and Politics Collide, Corporations Win.” We have noticed a clear reluctance of any corporate media to feature this story, as its implications are as contrary to their corporate partners as evidence of global warming and climate change. To identify corporate partners, simply observe who advertises and who appears in their commentary programs. Also take note of who is lining the pockets of politicians.

We believe all these things are related. We understand empirical science, research and discoveries to be beneficial for the human race, whether it is a cure for a horrible illness or the discovery of plate tectonics. But we are alarmed at the willingness to pick and choose science based on corporation profit lines.

When science tells us to that we are tipping the scales to the perilous point of no return through our pollution, consumption of fossil fuels, interference with genetics and food sources and our insatiable appetite to take it all right now, before anyone else can, we need to STOP. But this is when the pressure mounts and all reason leaves the discussion; it becomes arguments for deregulation, free market, corporate development and shareholder portfolios.

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