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There are times we cover stories because we believe there are principles that apply to the tenants of the Occupy movement. There are also times that we choose NOT to cover certain stories for reasons we consider to be bigger than ourselves.

The most recent example we can use to explain how we choose what to cover and why is the news from Nigeria regarding the kidnapping of 276 school girls. We have been following this story since it broke, but have not published a response or comment. Why? Because we believe that extremist organizations like Boca Harem do these things to shock and horrify the world and bring attention to their cause and viewpoints. Occupy World Writes draws a line in giving a platform to any group that uses human trafficking, murder and rape as stepping stones to the world stage of notoriety. By publishing a comment while these girls are still in captivity that may be seen by those guilty of the crime, we could risk the possible safety of these girls. We will not give this group that power or voice. The international community has put more resources and effort in finding a missing plane where all are presumed dead than they are in recovering these young women, who are quite alive and will be sold into sexual slavery. SHAME ON THE WORLD.

Another example of recent news we chose not to cover is the Cliven Bundy story. In this case, we saw Mr. Bundy as the oppressor, both in his attitudes toward other ranchers and his viewpoints when he decided to “tell you something about the negro.” We have problems with armed militia groups in America that have taken over the town of Bunkersville, and question why something is not being done. If this were a group of Occupy folks, they would all have been arrested. If these people were wearing turbans instead of cowboy hats, America’s populace would be screaming for authorities to step in. If Cliven Bundy were black or Latino, no one in Nevada would have stood beside him.

Then there is the amount of coverage we give certain topics. We talked consistently about Ukraine when that story began developing. Why didn’t we continue? Because once the main-stream media picks up on a story, they will examine it ad nauseum. Example: the GWB scandal, where we learned who Bridget Kelly had been dating, as if that has anything to do with the corruption within New Jersey politics or “traffic studies” om the world’s busiest bridge. We also assume you are a thinking, breathing, competent human being who can follow stories that interest you without the use of a 2X4.

You will sometimes see posts that aren’t really news at all. Why are they in there? Because sometimes the idea is the news – the teaching moment or the time to pause and try to make sense of a bigger picture. And we know we are not always right, and that not everyone will agree with us. They aren’t supposed to – individual critical thinking is the goal. Occupy your consciousness.

Our choices are not always easy. Our vision may not always align with yours. That’s okay – this is where we grow and learn from each other. We also know we won’t get everything right, but we try our best. Trying is better than acquiescing and languishing in complicity.

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MNgranny has been an activist since the age of 17. After earning a BA in Mass Communications and enjoying a 30 year career, she is now disabled and dedicates her life to that activism. Her experiences include volunteering in community service organizations and taking leadership roles throughout her academic and professional life. She is also a survivor of rape and domestic violence, a published author and a master naturalist. She is also a professional member of the United States Press Association. She has focused for the last several years and specializes in Kurdish history, culture and politics.

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