They Did What? Kansas Edition

Spencer Collins. Photo via Facebook

Spencer Collins. Photo via Facebook

Every once in a while, I come across some legal action so stupid and asinine that I just have to wonder what planet these people who are making complaints and/or enforcing some laws are from, and maybe more importantly, how soon can they go back there.

Brian Collins has a Little Free Library on his property in Leawood, Kansas. His wife had received it as a birthday gift from her father, and Brian and his 9 year old son Spencer put it up on Mother’s Day. An avid reader, Spencer wanted to share his love of reading with the neighborhood. “It’s kind of like I’m in a whole other world and I like that,” he told KMBC. “I like adventure stories because I’m in the adventure and it’s fun.”

The family went on vacation for a few days. When they came home, there was a surprise for them. Sarah Collins, the wife of Brian and the mother of Spencer, said: “When we got home from vacation, there was a letter from the city of Leawood saying that it was in code violation and it needed to be down by the 19th or we would receive a citation,”

Leawood said the library was an accessory structure. The city bans any buildings not attached to the house. Richard Coleman of the City of Leawood says“We empathize with them, but we still have to follow the rules. We need to treat everybody the same. So we can’t say if somebody files a complaint but we like the little libraries — we think they’re cute — so we ignore it. We can’t do that.” The city further claims they had two complaints about the library.

If the Collins house was three blocks to the north, this wouldn’t be a problem. He would then live in Prairie Village, where the city doesn’t enforce codes that would restrict little free libraries.

I have to wonder what kind of ignorant ass would complain about a Little Free Library. My guess would be some two tooth wonder who wanted to put up a shed for his meth lab and was refused by the city, but I could be mistaken. It is Kansas, after all…

There’s a Facebook page for Spencer’s library. Give it a like…

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