An Urgent Call

The Kurdistan Regional Government, Ministry of Health has issued the following statement on August 18, 2014, through the Directorate of Health in Duhok. We ask that you forward this to anyone who may be able to answer any of the elements asked for within.


The recent inhuman act of mass murder and systematic persecution against the minorities of Kurdistan Region and Iraq have left hundreds of thousands of families displaced and subject to extreme dangers. According to the primary data estimated by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) authorities, more than 600,000 IDPs are waiting to be settled in camps in Duhok Governorate. At a time when Baghdad has cut the budget of Kurdistan Region, dealing with this huge number of IDPs that exceeds the population of the governorate, is above the modest capacity of Duhok Directorate General of Health (DOH-Duhok). Meanwhile, for the last three years, some 120,000 of refugees escaped Syrian Crises have settled in Duhok governorate.

We, as Directorate General of Health in Duhok Governorate, warmly welcome any act of humanitarian aid and funds by the international community and organizations. In response to the action of ensuring a stronger presence in Kurdistan, we highly recommend the priority of Health Sector, where DOH-Duhuk undertaken as follows:

  • Emergency ambulatory care and services, with 50 ambulances working 24 hours to assure all injured people and severely ill patients are transferred to designated hospitals, where immediate medical care is provided. Medical services were provided to about 1600 of IDP’s and 1160 were referred to hospitals.
  • 13 Hospitals and 152 health centers and 17 specialized health facilities are fully functional to provide required medical care and services including tertiary health care services. This is estimated as 40% increase in the load. In some health facilities, number of medical visits has increased by 8-14 times.
  • Established 35 mobile medical teams to visit IDP’s locations.
  • Provided 24 hours medical services at all health centers at the collections of IDP’s.
  • Vaccination of all children against polio and Measles at health facilities and via outreach teams. Approximately 60,000 children were immunized against polio and 2700 with measles vaccines.
  • Established 4 mental health teams to provide psychosocial support and counseling.
  • Established 20 preventative health teams for health inspections and surveillance and health promotion.

The risk/challenges: 

  • Sustain the bleeding stocks of medicines and medical supplies (all medicines are needed as our stock can hardly cover one month’s needs).
  • Sustain and enhance medical services provided at all hospital and health centers across Dohok Governorate with special focus on Sumail and Zakho districts.
  • High risk of Measles, Polio, Tuberculosis and Meningitis outbreaks.
  • Very high risk of water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases (diarrhea, Hepatitis A, Typhoid fever, Cholera, scabies, worm infestation and pediculosis), the current situation at IDP’s locations is alarming and urgent action is required from all partners in this regards.
  • High expected estimates of mental health problems.

We plea an urgent aid in needs mentioned as following:

  • Replenish the stock of medicines and medical supplies.
  • Provision of Emergency health kits, equipment and supplies.
  • Provision of required vaccines (polio, Measles, Penta, Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Meningitis).
  • Provision of 10 ambulances.
  • Support hiring medical doctors and nurses.
  • Support Outbreak Control and Disease Surveillance activities.
  • Provision of mobile under tent health centers and field hospitals.
  • Provide medical teams to work at newly established camps.
  • Recruiting International advisors for crisis intervention and management.
  • Support strengthening health information system in Duhok Governorate.
  • Enhance and promote hygiene and community education activities.
  • Scale up mental and psycho-social support and counseling.
  • Enhance DoH-Duhok logistics capacity through provision of 15 mini-van (15 seat) 20 double cabinet 1 ton pick-ups, 15 coaster bus (21 seat) and 10 crossover/SUV 4WD vehicles.

Dr. Nezar Ismet Taib
Director General

Office of the Director General
Directorate General of Health
Sargalo Road, 1014 AK,
Duhok 42001

Tel: +964(0)62 724 4600
Tel: +964(0)62 724 4601

Photo By James Gordon [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo By James Gordon [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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