The Freedom To Do Dumb Things


Labor Day parade in New York city 1882. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Labor Day parade in New York city 1882. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Today is Labor Day. It’s traditionally seen as the end of summer and a day of outdoor picnics and family gatherings, as well as being the second busiest shopping day of the year. However, it was (and is) first and foremost, a day to celebrate the social and economic achievements of workers; a well deserved day off.

However, to the Freedom Foundation  – a conservative think tank based in Olympia, Washington – Labor Day is the proof of the power of unions, which to them equals the decline of America. So, instead of taking the day off, they plan to work all day instead.

Freedom Foundation CEO Tom McCabe, when announcing the “work-in”, said: “I can’t think of a problem in society that can’t be traced in some way back to the abuses of organized labor, so it would be hypocritical of us to take a day off on its behalf,”

One of the joys of living here in America is that people have the freedom to say and/or do idiotic things if they so desire, and the Freedom Foundation’s exercising that freedom today. Occupy World Writes hopes that they have a fun day at work. As for us, we’ll be celebrating the contributions that unions have made to our country.

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