Dutch Vs Daesh

Flag used by Islamic State. Image via FaceBook.

Flag used by Islamic State. Image via FaceBook.

Yesterday, hundreds of Kurdish protesters stormed and occupied the Tweede Kamer, the Dutch Parliament’s House of Representatives. The protesters are calling for more action to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and the Daesh, particularly in regard to the Daesh’s currently ongoing siege of Kobane.

So far, the occupation has been peaceful. The protesters have stated that they will not leave until Kobane has been liberated.  Socialist Party MP Sadet Karabulut said about the protesters; “It’s a sign, they want to be heard by the House and the international community.”

The Dutch defense ministry had announced on Sunday that “Dutch F-16s flew today over the conflict zone in Iraq for the first time,” and that the planes were “completely ready to be deployed over Iraq.” A protester responded in kind: “ISIS has undertaken violent actions in Kobane. Why are the Dutch F-16s not in use now?” We feel this is a very good question.

Similar protests took place elsewhere in Europe, as Kurdish protesters took to the streets in several cities, including Rome, London, Vienna, Cologne and Stockholm. In the case of Stockholm, protesters reportedly occupied a building at the city’s international airport.

We’d like to say that we’re shocked about the lack of coverage of this in the U.S., with the exception of AlJazeera America, but unfortunately we aren’t. Occupy World Writes began our publication of Kobane’s plight on September 20,  Since that time, the world has failed to act.

Weaponry and ammunition were promised to the Kurds. NOTHING has been delivered to date.

ISIS returned 49 Turkish hostages in exchange for 180 of their fighters to be released from Turkish prisons. They were allowed to cross the border back into Syria to rejoin the fight. The international community remains silent on the issue.

Turkish forces are sitting on the border within a mile of Kobane. They now refuse to allow ANY Kurds to cross the border into Syria to help defend their own city. The US and the UN have failed to criticize this hypocrisy.

At this moment of press time, Breaking News on AlJazeera show Turkish forces using their forces on the border to REPEL KURDISH REFUGEES FLEEING ISIS. We believe this act by Turkey to be a WAR CRIME.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is forced to apologize for telling the truth about Turkey.

We remain steadfast in our support of Kurdish fighters, the region of Rojava and specifically the Kobane defenders.


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