Israel Needs A Change of Address

Gaza 2014. Photo via Facebook

Gaza 2014. Photo via Facebook

On March 3, 2015, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address the United States Congress less than two weeks before his re-election campaign in Israel. The invitation from Speaker of the House John Boehner, was extended as a means of creating political divide between the two major US political parties, and has become successful not only in that regard, but also in causing another nation’s leader to become a pawn in America’s political games.

Many argue about the Gaza War, and if Israel was justified in their actions in the Gaza Strip. One can argue all they wish about justification and the right to protection. We ask who, in the following list, was worth killing. Explain to humanity why these lives were terminated, and explain why having the very person speaking for the country from which these atrocities came now speak in front of the US Congress should not be seen as an act of disgrace and complicity in itself.

The children killed in Gaza during 50 days of conflict

Ahmad Nae'l Mahdi16MNorth GazaJabalia08/07/2014
Hussein Yousef Kawari'12MKhan YounisKhan Younis08/07/2014
Basil Salem Kawari'9MKhan YounisKhan Younis08/07/2014
Abdullah Mohammed Kawari'12MKhan YounisKhan Younis08/07/2014
Qasim Jabr Kawari'11MKhan YounisKhan Younis08/07/2014
Seraj Iyad Abdel 'Al8MKhan YounisKhan Younis08/07/2014
Mohammed Ibrahim Al Masri14MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun09/07/2014
Aseel Ibrahim Al Masri15FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun09/07/2014
Yasmin Mohammed Al Mutawaq3FNorth GazaJabalia09/07/2014
Mohammed Mustafa Malaka2MGazaGaza city09/07/2014
Ameer Iyad Areef12MGazaGaza city09/07/2014
Mohammed Iyad Areef10MGazaGaza city09/07/2014
Nidal Khalaf Al Nawasra4MMiddleAl Maghazi09/07/2014
Mohammed Khalaf Al Nawasra2MMiddleAl Maghazi09/07/2014
Raneem Jawdat Abdel Ghafoor1FKhan YounisKhan Younis09/07/2014
Sulaiman Saleem Al Astal17MKhan YounisKhan Younis09/07/2014
Musa Mohammed Al Astal15MKhan YounisKhan Younis09/07/2014
Meryam Atiyyeh Al 'Arja9FRafahRafah09/07/2014
Abdullah Ramadan Abu Ghazal4MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya10/07/2014
Abdel Rahman Bassam Khattab6MMiddleDeir Al Balah10/07/2014
Saad Mahmoud Al Haj17MKhan YounisKhan Younis10/07/2014
Fatima Mahmoud Al Haj14FKhan YounisKhan Younis10/07/2014
Ismail Hasan Abu Jame'17MKhan YounisKhan Younis10/07/2014
Saher Salman Abu Namous2MNorth GazaJabalia11/07/2014
Anas Yousef Qandeel17MNorth GazaJabalia11/07/2014
Nour Marwan Al Najdi10FRafahRafah11/07/2014
Safa Mustafa Malaka6FGazaGaza city12/07/2014
Anas Alaa' Al Batsh7MGazaGaza city12/07/2014
Manar Majid Al Batsh13FGazaGaza city12/07/2014
Marwa Majid Al Batsh7FGazaGaza city12/07/2014
Amal Bahaa' Al Batsh1.5FGazaGaza city12/07/2014
Qusai Issam Al Batsh12MGazaGaza city12/07/2014
Mohammed Issam Al Batsh17MGazaGaza city12/07/2014
Hossam Ibrahim An-Najjar15MNorth GazaJabalia13/07/2014
Mu'ayyad Khalid Al A'raj2.5MKhan YounisKhan Younis13/07/2014
Ziyad Maher An Najjar17MKhan YounisKhan Younis14/07/2014
Sara Jehad Sheikh Al Eid4FRafahRafah14/07/2014
Hamza Ra'ed Thary5MNorth GazaBait Lahiya16/07/2014
Ahed Attaf Bakr10MGazaGaza city16/07/2014
Zakariya 'Ahed Bakr10MGazaGaza city16/07/2014
Mohammed Ramiz Bakr11MGazaGaza city16/07/2014
Ismail Mohammed Bakr10MGazaGaza city16/07/2014
Ibrahim Ramadan Abu Daqqa10MKhan YounisKhan Younis16/07/2014
Yasmeen Mahmoud Al Astal5FKhan YounisKhan Younis16/07/2014
Hosam Mahmoud Al Astal8MKhan YounisKhan Younis16/07/2014
Afnan Wesam Shuheebar8FGazaGaza City17/07/2014
Jehad Issam Shuheebar11MGazaGaza City17/07/2014
Waseem Issam Shuheebar8MGazaGaza City17/07/2014
Mohammed Ibrahim Intaiz13MGazaGaza city17/07/2014
Mohammed Salem Intaiz13MGazaGaza city17/07/2014
Yamin Riyad Al Hamidi4MMiddleDeir Al Balah17/07/2014
Rahaf Khalil Al Jbour4FKhan YounisKhan Younis17/07/2014
Mohammed Ismail Abu Msallam15MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun18/07/2014
Walaa' Ismail Abu Msallam14FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun18/07/2014
Ahmad Ismail Abu Msallam11MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun18/07/2014
Mousa Abdel Rahman Abu Jarad8 monthsMNorth GazaBeit Lahiya18/07/2014
Haniya Abdel Rahman Abu Jarad2FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya18/07/2014
Sameeh Na'eem Abu Jarad1.5MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya18/07/2014
Ahlam Mosa Abu Jarad17FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya18/07/2014
Samar Na'eem Abu Jarad14FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya18/07/2014
Qasim Hamed Ulwan4MGazaGaza city18/07/2014
Emad Hamed Ulwan7MGazaGaza city18/07/2014
Rezeq Ahmad Al Hayik1.5MGazaGaza city18/07/2014
Sara Mohammed Bostan10FGazaGaza city18/07/2014
Abdallah Jamal Al Smeeri17MKhan YounisKhan Younis18/07/2014
Amjad Salim Shaath15MKhan YounisKhan Younis18/07/2014
Faris Jom'a Al Tarabeen3 monthsMRafahRafah18/07/2014
Omar Eed Al Mahmoum17MRafahRafah18/07/2014
Seham Ahmad Zourob11FRafahRafah18/07/2014
Mohammed Ziyad Al Rahl5MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya19/07/2014
Mohammed Rafeeq Al Rahl17MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya19/07/2014
Omar Jameel Hamouda10MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya19/07/2014
Nagham Mahmoud Al Zweedi12FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun19/07/2014
Ru'ya Mahmoud Al Zweedi6FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun19/07/2014
Waseem Rida Salhiyeh15MKhan YounisKhan Younis19/07/2014
Mohammed Bassam Al Sorri17MKhan YounisKhan Younis19/07/2014
Mahmoud Anwar Abu Shabab16MRafahRafah19/07/2014
Dina Omar Azeez5FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya20/07/2014
Aya Bahjat Abu Sultan17FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya20/07/2014
Khalil Usama Al Hayya5MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Hamza Usama Al Hayya4MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Amama Usama Al Hayya6FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Marwa Suleiman Al Sirsawi12FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Dina Adel Isleem3FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Heba Hamed Al Shiekh Khalil14FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Tala Ahmed Al I'tiwi10FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Dina Rushdi Hamada16FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Saji Hassan Al Hallaq4MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Kenan Hasan Al Hallaq6MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Mohammed Hani Al Hallaq2MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Ibrahim Khalil Ammar13MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Iman Khalil Ammar9FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Asem Khalil Ammar4MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Rahaf Akram Abu Jom'a4FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Abdel Rahman Al Iskafi12MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Marah Shakir Al Jammal10FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Ahmed Sofyan Al Jammal9MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Samia Ahmed Al Sheikh Khalil2FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Shadi Ziyad Isleem16MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Fadi Ziyad Isleem10MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Ali Ziyad Isleem11MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Mohammed Rami Ayyad3MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Mohammed Ashraf Ayyad3MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Najiyeh Jehad Al Helou15FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Maram Ahmed Al Helou2FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Kareem Ahmed Al Helou5 monthsMGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Karam Ahmed Al Helou5 monthsMGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Nirmeen Majid Daher10FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Othman Raed Al Jammal11MGazaGaza city20/07/2014
Ghada Subhi Ayyad13FGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Azmi Khalid Badwan16MGazaGaza City20/07/2014
Sha'ban Jamil Ziyada12FMiddleAl Buriej20/07/2014
Mohammed Ayman Al Sha'ir6MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Heba Akram Al Sha'ir7FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Razan Tawfeeq Abu Jame'14FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Jawdat Tawfeeq Abu Jame'13MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Aya Tawfeeq Abu Jame'12FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Haifaa' Tawfeeq Abu Jame'9FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Tawfeeq Tawfeeq Abu Jame'4MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Ahmed Tawfeeq Abu Jame'8MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Ayyoub Tayseer Abu Jame'10MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Nujoud Tayseer Abu Jame'6 monthsFKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Fatima Tayseer Abu Jame'8FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Rayan Tayseer Abu Jame'2MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Rinad Tayseer Abu Jame'1.5FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Batoul Bassam Abu Jame'4FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Suheila Bassam Abu Jame'2FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Bisan Bassam Abu Jame'1FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Sajed Yasser Abu Jame'7MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Seraj Yasser Abu Jame'4MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Sarraa' Yasser Abu Jame'3FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Nour Yasser Abu Jame'2FKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Hosam Hosam Abu Qeenas7MKhan YounisKhan Younis20/07/2014
Anas Mahmoud Mu'ammar17MRafahRafah20/07/2014
Abdallah Yousef Daraji - Al Moghrabi2MRafahRafah20/07/2014
Mohammed Rajaa' Handam15MRafahRafah20/07/2014
Yasmin Nayif Al Yazji4FNorth GazaJabalia21/07/2014
Hatem Nayif Al Yazji3MNorth GazaJabalia21/07/2014
Arwa Yasser Al Qassas4FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Samar Yasser Al Qassas3FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Israa' Yasser Al Qassas7FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Yasmeen Yasser Al Qassas10FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Nesma Iyad Al Qassas10FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Lamya Iyad Al Qassas13FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Yasin Ibrahim Al Kilani9MGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Yasser Ibrahim Al Kilani7MGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Sawsan Ibrahim Al Kilani11FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Reem Ibrahim Al Kilani12FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Ilyas Ibrahim Al Kilani4MGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Dana Mohammed Daher1FGazaGaza City21/07/2014
Abdallah Abu Hjayyir16MMiddleAl Nuseirat21/07/2014
Alaa' Abdel Majeed Abu Dahrouj17MMiddleDeir Al Balah21/07/2014
Othman Salim Bree'im17MMiddleWadi Al Salqa21/07/2014
Fadi Azmi Bree'im17MMiddleWadi Al Salqa21/07/2014
Ghaidaa' Nabil Siyam7FRafahRafah21/07/2014
Mustafa Nabil Siyam9MRafahRafah21/07/2014
Abdel Rahman Nabil Siyam6MRafahRafah21/07/2014
Dalal Nabil Siyam9 monthsFRafahRafah21/07/2014
Ahmed Ayman Siyam15MRafahRafah21/07/2014
Ameen Ayman Siyam17MRafahRafah21/07/2014
Iyad Mohamemd Sabbah17MRafahRafah21/07/2014
Fatima Ahmad Al Arja16FRafahRafah21/07/2014
Mona Rami Ikhriwat1.5FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun22/07/2014
Shahd Mu'een Qishta9FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya22/07/2014
Mohammed Ahmad Al Baddi3 monthsMNorth GazaBeit Lahiya22/07/2014
Mahmoud Ahmad Al Qassas10MGazaGaza City22/07/2014
Abdel Nasser Sa'di Meslih17MGazaGaza City22/07/2014
Nour Ra'ed Abu Hwishil6MMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp22/07/2014
Obaida Fadel Abu Hwishil9MMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp22/07/2014
Ibtihal Ibrahim Al Rmahi3FMiddleWadi Al Salqa, Deir Al Balah22/07/2014
Iman Ibrahim Al Rmahi15FMiddleWadi Al Salqa, Deir Al Balah22/07/2014
Wesam Alaa' Al Najjar17MKhan YounisKhan Younis22/07/2014
Mu'een Mohammed Siyam5MRafahRafah22/07/2014
Khalaf Atiyeh Abu Snaimeh16MRafahRafah22/07/2014
Rabee' Qasim Abu Ras9MNorth GazaUm An-Nasser Beit Lahiya23/07/2014
Salma Rajab Al Radee'6FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya23/07/2014
Ayman Adham ElHaj Ahmad16MNorth GazaJabalia23/07/2014
Hazem Na'eem Aqil15MGazaGaza City23/07/2014
Rawan Ayman Sweedan7FMiddleDeir Al Balah23/07/2014
Jana Rami Al Maqat'a3FMiddleDeri AL Balah23/07/2014
Mahmoud Mansour Al Bashiti7MKhan YounisKhuza's, Khan Younis23/07/2014
Zeinab Safwat Abu Teer4FKhan YounisAbsan, Khan Younis23/07/2014
Mohammed Ahmed Abu Shaqra17MKhan YounisKhan Younis23/07/2014
Adham Ahmad Abu Eeta4MNorth GazaJabalia24/07/2014
Hadi Abdel Hameed Rab El-Nabi3MNorth GazaJabalia24/07/2014
Abdel Rahman Mahmoud Rab El-Nabi1MNorth GazaJabalia24/07/2014
Mohammed Jehad Matar12MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Amna Jehad Matar11FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Do'aa Ra'ed Abu Odeh17FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Meryam Shayboub Al Shinbari11FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Abed-Rabbo Shayboub Al Shinbari16MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Ali Shayboub Al Shinbari9MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Abed-Rabbo Jamal Al Shinbari17MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Soha Abed-Rabbo Meslih2FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Mohammed Akram Al Kafarneh15MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun24/07/2014
Mahmoud Ismail Al Astal17MKhan YounisBani Suheila, Khan Younis24/07/2014
Nada Tha'ir Al Astal5FKhan YounisKhan Younis24/07/2014
Ameen Tha'ir Al Astal4MKhan YounisKhan Younis24/07/2014
Anas Hatim Qdeeh7MKhan YounisKhan Younis24/07/2014
Mahmoud Sulaiman Al Astal17MKhan YounisKhan Younis24/07/2014
Ahmad Mohammed Al Najjar17MKhan YounisKhan Younis24/07/2014
Mahmoud Jehad Abdeen12MKhan YounisKhan Younis24/07/2014
Nabil Mahmoud Al Astal13MKhan YounisKhan Younis24/07/2014
Ameer Adel Siyam12MRafahRafah24/07/2014
Mohammed Ahmad Siyam7MRafahRafah24/07/2014
Ibrahim Abdel Rahman Al Sama'neh17MNorth GazaJabalia25/07/2014
Waleed Sa'ad Al Harazeen8MGazaGaza City25/07/2014
Abdel Kareem Anwar Al Darazeen5MMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp25/07/2014
Mohammed Anwar Al Darazeen3MMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp25/07/2014
Nour Mohammed Abu Dbagh12MMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp25/07/2014
Ahmad Ramzi Abu Qadous13MMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp25/07/2014
Walaa' Mohammed Al Qabid15FMiddleWadi Al Salqa, Deir Al Balah25/07/2014
Ahmed Mohammed Al Qabid11MMiddleWadi Al Salqa, Deir Al Balah25/07/2014
Ahmed Waleed Sammour9MKhan YounisKhan Younis25/07/2014
Hadi Salah Abu Hasanein12MRafahRafah25/07/2014
Abdel Azeez Salah Abu Hasanein14MRafahRafah25/07/2014
Do'aa Sami Sa'ada11FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun26/07/2014
Anwar Abdel Qader Younis2MMiddleAl Nussierat26/07/2014
Ameer Hamoudeh Abu Shahla2MKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Islam Hamoudeh Abu Shahla3FKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Ameera Hamoudeh Abu Shahla1FKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Samir Hussein Al Najjar1.5MKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Mutaz Hussein Al Najjar6MKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Ghaliya Mohammed Al Najjar1.5FKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Bara'a Salah Al Riqib11FKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Rawan Khalid Al Najjar17FKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Ahmad Khalid Al Najjar14MKhan YounisKhan Younis26/07/2014
Yousef Jamil Hamouda15MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya27/07/2014
Fadi Salim Baraka14MKhan YounisKhan Younis27/07/2014
Sameeh Jibreel Jneed5MNorth GazaJabalia28/07/2014
Yousef Emad Qadoura11MNorth GazaJabalia28/07/2014
Hind Emad Qadoura10FNorth GazaJabalia28/07/2014
Mohammed Mousa Olwan9MNorth GazaJabalia28/07/2014
Yousef Abdel Rahman Hassouna11MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Mahmoud Hazim Shbeer12MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Ahmed Hazim Shbeer10MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Jamal Salih I'lyan8MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Bara' Akram Meqdad7MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Mohammed Nahidh Meqdad13MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Ahmed Jaber Washah10MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Shaqfeh7MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Mohammed Emad Baroud10MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Mansour Rami Hajjaj9MGazaGaza City28/07/2014
Abdel Samad Mahmoud Ramadan16MMiddleAl Nussierat28/07/2014
Hanan Salem Al Far15FMiddleAl Maghazi28/07/2014
Ali Hasan Al Howari11MMiddleAl Moghraqa28/07/2014
Rami Khalid Al Riqib16MKhan YounisKhan Younis28/07/2014
Hussein Yasser Abu Saqer16MKhan YounisKhan Younis28/07/2014
Dalia Nader Al Agha17FKhan YounisKhan Younis28/07/2014
Dina Nader Al Agha14FKhan YounisKhan Younis28/07/2014
Iyad Nader Al Agha17MKhan YounisKhan Younis28/07/2014
Fadel Nader Al Agha11MKhan YounisKhan Younis28/07/2014
Tamer Ahmed Al Najjar16MKhan YounisKhan Younis28/07/2014
Israa' Naeem Balata13FNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Alaa' Naeem Balata14FNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Yehia Na'eem Balata8MNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Hadeel Adbel Kareem Balata17FNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Mohammed Abdel Nasser Al Ghandour15MNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Jood Yousif Abu Eedeh8 monthsFNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Halima Mohammed Suleiman1.5FNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Baraa' Mohammed Suleiman6FNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Haneen Hosam Hamouda13FNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Rahaf Alaa' Abed-Rabbo2FNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Jamal Mohammed Abed-Rabbo1.5MNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Ali Ahmed Shaheen16MNorth GazaJabalia UN School29/07/2014
Aya Ismail Al Batsh12FNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Mohammed Taleb Asaaf8MNorth GazaJabalia29/07/2014
Osama Ahmed Al Helu5MGazaGaza City29/07/2014
Rahaf Mohammed Farahat1 monthFGazaGaza City29/07/2014
Nada Izzo Al Ja'al2FGazaGaza City29/07/2014
Mohammed Raed Abu Jabr3MMiddleAl Buriej29/07/2014
Sama Raed Abu Jabr1.5FMiddleAl Buriej29/07/2014
Toqa Salah Abu Jabr1FMiddleAl Buriej29/07/2014
Leen Anwar Abu Jabr2.5FMiddleAl Buriej29/07/2014
Salma Anwar Abu Jabr1.5FMiddleAl Buriej29/07/2014
Hala Ahmed Abu Jabr6FMiddleAl Buriej29/07/2014
Reeham Taysir Abu Mashi14FMiddleDeir Al Balah29/07/2014
Sara Ahmed Abdel Ghafour1FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Samaa' Mohammed Al Najjar15FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Mohammed Atta Al Najjar1MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Rafeef Atta Al Najjar3FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Mona Jehad Al Najjar1FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Omar Waddah Abu 'Amer12MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Abdel Ghani Waddah Abu 'Amer11MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Emad Waddah Abu 'Amer10MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Issa Waddah Abu 'Amer8MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Ez Eddin Waddah Abu 'Amer4MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Mohammed Ahmed Abu 'Amer12MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Marah Ahmed Abu 'Amer10FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Yasser Ahmed Abu 'Amer9MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Marwa Ahmed Abu 'Amer5FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Suleiman Ahmed Abu 'Amer2MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Mohammed Jamil Al Najjar12MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Layali Wael Al Najjar2FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Jana Fayiz Breeka3FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Lama Fayiz Breeka1FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Hala Ahmed Mu'ammar2FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Yazan Ahmed Mu'ammar3MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Aya Sami Al Ramlawi9FKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Mos'ab Ahmed Islaih17MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Mohammed Mustafa Abu Hammad14MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Mohannad Ashraf Al Qarra17MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Zaher Mahmoud Al Najjar7MKhan YounisKhan Younis29/07/2014
Abdallah Nidal Abu Zaid4FRafahRafah29/07/2014
Shama Wael Abu Zaid16FRafahRafah29/07/2014
Bisan Iyad Abu Zaid12FRafahRafah29/07/2014
Mohammed Omar Dheer10MRafahRafah29/07/2014
Maria Omar Dheer12FRafahRafah29/07/2014
Tasneem Mohamed Dheer8FRafahRafah29/07/2014
Mu'min Omar Dheer9MRafahRafah29/07/2014
Ghaidaa' Omar Dheer7FRafahRafah29/07/2014
Salama Mahmoud Dheer12MRafahRafah29/07/2014
Mohammed Mahmoud Dheer7MRafahRafah29/07/2014
Arwa Mahmoud Dheer16FRafahRafah29/07/2014
Yamin Omar Dheer5MRafahRafah29/07/2014
Ibrahim Ahmed Al Hashash15MRafahRafah29/07/2014
Bilal Ahmed Al Hashash16MRafahRafah29/07/2014
Alaa' Bahaa' Al Ghareeb16MRafahRafah29/07/2014
Alaa' Ramadan Khader Salman17FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya30/07/2014
Osama Mohammed Sihweel17MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya30/07/2014
Sujoid Abdel Hakim Olwan11FGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Lama Ahmed Al Khalili5FGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Deema Ashraf Al Khalili4FGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Ziyad Ashraf Al Khalili3MGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Leena Alaa' Al Silik9FGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Omniya Mohammed Al Silik8FGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Malak Jalal Al Silik7FGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Abdel Azeez Mohammed Al Silik3MGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Abdel Haleem Mohammed Al Silik5MGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Abed Wael Al Shamali16MGazaGaza City30/07/2014
Shaimaa' Ibrahim Al Sheikh Ali1 weekFMiddleDeir Al Balah30/07/2014
Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Khousa1MMiddleAl Zawayda30/07/2014
Shahd Ibrahim Abu Khousa10FMiddleAl Zawayda30/07/2014
Yazan Emad Abu Khousa3MMiddleAl Zawayda30/07/2014
Retal Basheer Abu Khousa1FMiddleAl Zawayda30/07/2014
Mohammed Mohammed Abu Shamala9MMiddleAl Buriej30/07/2014
Ibrahim Mu'tasim Kalloub4MMiddleDeir Al Balah30/07/2014
Mohammed Akram Al Smiri14MMiddleWadi Al Salqa, Deir Al Balah30/07/2014
Ibrahim Akram Al Smiri10MMiddleWadi Al Salqa, Deir Al Balah30/07/2014
Asmaa' Abdel Haleem Abu Al Kas15FMiddleAl Buriej30/07/2014
Mayar Jamal Abu Msabeh10FMiddleDeir Al Balah30/07/2014
Salah Mousa Hejazi8MKhan YounisKhan Younis30/07/2014
Layan Nael Al Silik3FGazaGaza City31/07/2014
Ola Jalal Al Silik15FGazaGaza City31/07/2014
Nour Ezz Al Ja'al5FGazaGaza City31/07/2014
Hosam Ra'fat N'eem16MGazaGaza City31/07/2014
Mahmoud Ashraf Al Khalili7MGazaGaza City31/07/2014
Hadeel Amer Al Bayoumi14FMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp31/07/2014
Aseel Amer Al Bayoumi16FMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp31/07/2014
Hasan Mohammed Al Bayoumi14MMiddleAl Nuseirat31/07/2014
Rinad Ashraf Al Assar1.5FMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp31/07/2014
Lama Ra'fat Al Assar7FMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp31/07/2014
Malak Shakir Abu Shouqa2FMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp31/07/2014
Mohammed Ammar Shalat10MMiddleAl Nusierat refugee camp31/07/2014
Faris Mohammed Siyam11MRafahRafah31/07/2014
Othman Fawzi Abdeen17MRafahRafah31/07/2014
Sama Nael Al Birrawi10 monthsMNorth GazaBeit Lahiya01/08/2014
Fayiz Tareq Yaseen16MGazaGaza City01/08/2014
Mohammed Ahmed Al Neirab14MGazaGaza City01/08/2014
Mu'men Ahmed Al Neirab8MGazaGaza City01/08/2014
Mahmoud Ahmed Al Neirab10MGazaGaza City01/08/2014
Lujayn Basim Al Farra4FKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Abdel Rahman Basim Al Farra8MKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Nadeen Mahmoud Al Farra16FKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Mohammed Mahmoud Al Farra12MKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Yara Mahmoud Al Farra8FKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Maysoun Ra'fat Al Breem7FKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Haytham Ahmed Al Smeeri12MKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Raneen Ali Al Qarra15FKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Fadi Nasser Al Qawasmeh17MKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Omar Shakir Barbakh15MKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Mu'tasim Mohammed Al Najjar12MKhan YounisKhan Younis01/08/2014
Nagham Shareef Al Namla10FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Jehad Suleiman Abu Omran12MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Khalil Ibrahim Sheikh El Eed4MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Aya Ibrahim Sheikh El Eed5FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Abdel Kareem Ibrahim Sheikh El Eid2MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Hala Bassm Madi3FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Jana Bassm Madi2FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Yousef Ahmed Madi3MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Ibrahim Anwar Al Sha'er16MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Emad Ahmed Ahmed17MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Yehia Salim Al Tarabin - Al Mahmoum13MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Do'aa Mustafa Al Mahmoum4FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Bisan Mustafa Al Mahmoum12FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Heba Mustafa Al Mahmoum9FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Obada Mustafa Al Mahmoum2MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Asmaa' Salim Al Tarabin - Al Mahmoum16FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Ibrahim Suleiman Al Masri5MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Khalid Suleiman Al Masri4MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Mohammed Ahmed Abu Sha'ar17MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Anas Ibrahim Hammad4MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Mohammed Anas Arafat5 monthsMRafahRafah01/08/2014
Ameer Ra'fat Zorob15MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Odai Ra'fat Zorob13MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Shahd Ra'fat Zorob10FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Khalid Ra'fat Zorob8MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Ahmed Mustafa Zorob15MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Mohammed Musrafa Zorob12MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Waleed Mustafa Zorob6MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Mu'tasim Musrafa Zorob2MRafahRafah01/08/2014
Rawan Nash'at Siyam8FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Rami Nash'at Siyam15FRafahRafah01/08/2014
Ameen Yousef Abu Madi8MMiddleAl Nuseirat02/08/2014
Yousef Shadi abu Madi7MMiddleAl Nuseirat02/08/2014
'Hala Shadi Abu Madi10 daysFMiddleAl Nuseirat02/08/2014
Aseel Sofyan Ghaith3FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Nour Mohammed Abu 'Assi1 monthMRafahRafah02/08/2014
Haitham Yasser Abedl Wahab15MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Ayman Yasser Abedl Wahab13MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Lama Yasser Abedl Wahab9FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Mohammed Yasser Abedl Wahab2MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Ibrahim Fathi Eeeta13MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Ahmed Fathi Eeeta7MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Mohammed Fathi Eeeta5MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Ibtisam Bassam Al Neirab12FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Doha Bassam Al Neirab15FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Ola Bassam Al Neirab3FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Mohammed Omar Salih17MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Rana Raed Abu Suleiman10FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Ahmed Rami Abu Suleiman2MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Lama Rami Abu Suleiman3FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Mohammed Rami Abu Suleiman11MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Jana Rami Abu Suleiman3FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Emad Naseem Saidam17MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Mohammed Nidal Abu Mehsin -Al Nims17MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Yousef Mahmoud Abu Taha16MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Riziq Ismail Abu Taha1MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Somoud Ahmed Al Roumi5FRafahRafah02/08/2014
Ameen Ahmed Al Roumi15MRafahRafah02/08/2014
Rajab Abdel Rahman Al Shrafi9MNorth GazaJabalia03/08/2014
Abdallah Abdel Hadi Al Majdalawi13MNorth GazaJabalia03/08/2014
Rawan Ahmed Al Majdalawi9FNorth GazaJabalia03/08/2014
Mahmoud Ahmed Al Majdalawi8MNorth GazaJabalia03/08/2014
Ahmed Mohammed Abu Nijm-Al Masri17MNorth GazaJabalia03/08/2014
Raghad Mohammed Nijm-Al Masri3FNorth GazaJabalia03/08/2014
Shaimaa' Wael Qasim14FNorth GazaJabalia03/08/2014
Remas Salem Khattab5FMiddleDeir Al Balah03/08/2014
Tareq Eid Abu Mashi12MMiddleDier Al Balah03/08/2014
Dalia Atwa Khattab13FMiddleDier Al Balah03/08/2014
Ismail Wael Al Ghoul14MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Mustafa Wael Al Ghoul1 monthMRafahRafah03/08/2014
Malak Wael Al Ghoul6FRafahRafah03/08/2014
Mahmoud Mohammed 'Okal - Hejazi9MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Mohammed As'ad 'Okal - Hejazi10MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Aya Mohammed Abu Rijl3FRafahRafah03/08/2014
Monthir Mohammed Abu Rijl6MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Saqr Bassam Al Kashif7MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Tareq Ziyad Abu Khatleh15MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Amr Tareq Abu Al Roos15MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Ahmed Khalid Abu Harba14MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Yousef Akram Al Iskafi16MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Ismail Sameer Shallouf17MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Muneer Khalil Abu Dbaa'14MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Maria Mohammed Abu Jazar2FRafahRafah03/08/2014
Firas Mohammed Abu Jazar2MRafahRafah03/08/2014
Nour Bahjat Wahdan2FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun04/08/2014
Ghena Younis Saqr2FNorth GazaBeit Hanoun04/08/2014
Ahmed Hatim Wahdan13MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun04/08/2014
Hussein Hatim Wahdan9MNorth GazaBeit Hanoun04/08/2014
Aseel Mohammed Al Bakri4FGazaGaza City04/08/2014
Asmaa' Mohammed Al Bakri4 monthsFGazaGaza City04/08/2014
Mohammed Amjad Uwaida13MRafahRafah04/08/2014
Amal Amjad Uwaida5FRafahRafah04/08/2014
Hammam Mohammed Abu Suheeban11MRafahRafah04/08/2014
Kamal Ahmed Al Bakri4MGazaGaza City05/08/2014
Khalid Ziyad Al Hindi15MKhan YounisKhan Younis05/08/2014
Osama Hussein Lafi11MRafahRafah05/08/2014
Ibrahim Ahmed Al Najjar16MKhan YounisKhan Younis06/08/2014
Ibrahim Zuheer Dawawsa10MGazaGaza city08/08/2014
Bilal Bassam Mish'al15MMiddleDeir Al Balah08/08/2014
Mahmoud Maher Hassan14MMiddleDeir Al Balah08/08/2014
Mahmoud Mohammed Abu Haddaf8MKhan YounisKhan Younis08/08/2014
Mahmoud Khalid Abu Haddaf15MKhan YounisKhan Younis08/08/2014
Aya Anwar Al Sha'er13FRafahRafah09/08/2014
Ez Eddin Saleem Abu Sneima12MRafahRafah09/08/2014
Ahmed Mohammed Al Masri14MMiddleDeir Al Balah10/08/2014
Maidaa' Mohammed Aslan1.5 monthFMiddleAl Maghazi11/08/2014
Ali Mohammed Daif7 monthsMGazaGaza city19/08/2014
Mustafa Rabah Al Dalu14MGazaGaza city19/08/2014
Nour Mahmoud Abu Haseera2FGazaGaza city20/08/2014
Saher Mohammed Al 'Abeet11MMiddleDeir Al Balah20/08/2014
Mohammed Emad Al 'Abeet15MMiddleDeir Al Balah20/08/2014
Mustafa Ra'fat Al Louh10MMiddleDeir Al Balah20/08/2014
Maysara Ra'fat Al Louh7MMiddleDeir Al Balah20/08/2014
Farah Ra'fat Al Louh6MMiddleDeir Al Balah20/08/2014
Hassan Srour Tamboura13MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya21/08/2014
Abdallah Tareq Al Reefi6MGazaGaza city21/08/2014
Ziyad Tareq Al Reefi13MGazaGaza city21/08/2014
Omar Nasser Al Reefi4MGazaGaza city21/08/2014
Ahmed Nasser Kellab17MRafahRafah21/08/2014
Yousef Nasser Kellab, 15MRafahRafah21/08/2014
Abdallah Shehda Abu Dahrouj3MMiddleAl Zawayda23/08/2014
Abdel Hadi Shehda Abu Dahrouj2MMiddleAl Zawayda23/08/2014
Badr-Eddin Hashim Abu Mnee'17MGazaGaza city24/08/2014
Zeinab Bilal Abu Taqiya1FGazaGaza city24/08/2014
Mohammed Wael Al Khodari16MGazaGaza City24/08/2014
Hussein Khalid Ahmed8MMiddleAl Nussierat24/08/2014
Tasneem Issam Joudeh14FNorth GazaJabalia25/08/2014
Raghad Issam Joudeh12FNorth GazaJabalia25/08/2014
Mohammed Issam Joudeh8MNorth GazaJabalia25/08/2014
Osama Issam Joudeh6MNorth GazaJabalia25/08/2014
Ahmed Radad Tanboura15MNorth GazaBeit Lahiya26/08/2014
Amna Radad Tanboura13FNorth GazaBeit Lahiya26/08/2014


At the Munich Security Conference on February 7, Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog said, “”This speech which was born in sin, as part of an election campaign endangers the security of the citizens of Israel and the special relations it has with the US.” 

Other political leaders also criticized Netanyahu’s decision to accept Boehner’s invitation.

Meanwhile, the long-awaited and years-hoped-for agreement with Iran in a civilian nuclear development agreement hangs in the balance.

Some Americans have never forgotten the USS Liberty incident, the day Israel attacked an American ship in international waters, killing 34 service members. We are certain their families never have. The reason for the now decades-old coverup remains shrouded in mystery.

Occupy World Writes rejects the speech Netanhahu will make to the US Congress. We stand in solidarity with all those who protest this speech in a peaceful manner without violence, and call on Congressional members to boycott this event by instead bringing attention to the 504 children killed in the Gaza Strip in only 50 days of Israel’s “defense.”

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