Be careful what you ask for: Reversing the Effects of ObamaCare

If politicians get their way, we would be horrified at what their words would mean.

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House. Photo by Pete Souza [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House. Photo by Pete Souza [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Since the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “ObamaCare”) was signed into law in 2010, there has not been a more hated and controversial law as seen by the Republican party in American history. After echoing the words of political fear mongers such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, it did not take long for the Republican held- House to pass attempt after attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act to have it go nowhere in the Senate.

Now, as we watch the race for the 2016 Presidential election heat up, the latest battle cry, as stated by Senator Ted Cruz when announcing his bid in early April;  “Imagine a president who will repeal every word of ObamaCare… and reverse every effect of this law…” He later stated in an interview that it was time to “elect a new president who will reverse the course the nation is on under Obama.”

So let’s dare to imagine, just for a moment, what it might look like to repeal every word and reverse every effect of the Affordable Care Act.

The scenario “REPEAL AND REVERSE” would bring about the following, in our estimation;

  • You will no longer be allowed to to add your children up to age 26 to your health insurance plan. If you have insurance on a child over the age of 22, that child will be dropped from your plan immediately.
  • You will now have to resume payments on a co-pay for wellness or pregnancy exams. Any of these exam co-pays you received free under ObamaCare will be billed to you immediately. Payment will be due within 30 days.
  • Your insurance company can now drop you if you become sick, and will look to see if you made a mistake on your health insurance application in order to drop you for other reasons. If you have received coverage for any services under ObamaCare, you must reimburse your insurance company for these expenses..
  • Your insurance company has the right to limit the coverage you receive over your lifetime. If you have surpassed this limit under ObamaCare, you will be required to pay those expenses back as well as be forced off your current insurance plan.
  • If you have a pre-existing condition, you are uninsurable. If you became insured under ObamaCare, you will be assed for any and all costs paid for that pre-existing condition, and it will no longer receive coverage under any plan.
  • Insurance companies no longer need to submit justification to the states for all rate hikes. They can raise your rates as they did pre-2010, without notice or justification.
  • You may have received a rebate from your insurance company. ObamaCare requires that they spend at least 80% of premium payments on medical services, instead of advertising and executive salaries. If they can’t, the money goes back to you. Any rebates you have received will be required to be returned. The insurance companies will demand the $3 billion consumers have saved as a result of the MLR provision of ObamaCare. Several executives need new yachts, additional vacation homes and other sundries we will never enjoy.
  • Quest Diagnostics and Tulane University reported that the ACA contributed to a surge in people getting tested for and diagnosed with diabetes, one of America’s most preventable and costly medical conditions. Those people will be forced to give up medications and health improvements since that diagnosis. Memory erasing will be used to return them to their pre-knowing state of dietary endangerment. Think of “Men in Black.”
  • Americans who, without this law, would not be alive today will be required to report to a FEMA camp, where termination procedures will begin because they should have died but didn’t because of this illegal law. Life is not an entitlement we give to just anyone in this country, you know. Good Americans do not take these things for granted.

Additionally, families who no longer risk losing their home or savings just because someone gets sick will now be able to realize those fears again. Young people free to pursue their dreams and start their own business without worrying about losing access to healthcare can kiss those dreams good-bye.

Our guess is that by now you get our point. You can not take away something that has done this much good simply because you disagree with the person for whom it is named after. But our REAL point is that no matter what the facts are, the conservative wing will always reject and refuse a program that saves lives and money, simply because they could not put something together themselves.

The ACA will remain tested for years. But as it begins to take effect, the attempt to reject it makes it’s successes and achievements that much easier to identify.

For example, hospital readmissions are down significantly, in part because higher Medicare penalties have prompted hospitals to pay more attention to the post-discharge health of their patients. Under ObamaCare, hospitals are penalized for sending patients home that are not ready to leave hospital care. Instead of sending them home early to make room for other higher-paying insurance, patients under ObamaCare are given care more specific treatment for their actual medical needs. This makes more sense than doctors running tests patients did not need in order to collect insurance money or sending patients home before treating them for the condition they are actually afflicted with.

In a recent speech, Obama stated the life saving benefits of the ACA that the Washington Post rewrote to read “likely a major reason why we’ve seen an estimated 50,000 fewer preventable patient deaths in hospitals.”
In one news article, we read that in just Texas alone, a statement from the governor’s office reads, “Experience in other states indicates that failing to expand Medicaid would result in an estimated 8,400 premature deaths each year,” yet the state refuses to expand the option to insure the 1 in 4 Texans uninsured currently. Because Governor Abbott refuses to Expand Medicaid in Texas, there will be 62,610 new bankrupts in Texas every year.”

That’s enough imagining for us. We’d like to come back to the REAL world. Stop drinking the tea.

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