Ellie’s Gift

Image via authors own work

Image via authors own work

It started when our sweet little kitten got unexpectedly and unexplainably sick. Two months and 47 pages of medical history provided no answers.

We needed to adopt a second kitten to help our other kitten who was in a deep depression after her sister died. We felt a shelter cat was the appropriate way to go, and looked for what we thought would work.

I replied to an on-line posting for a kitten more than 50 miles away. But her picture had stolen my heart, and she met all the criteria of what we were looking for. We took the gamble and scheduled a visit to meet the kitten and, if all went well, bring her home with us.

When we reached our destination, we were in for a bit of a surprise. Not only was the kitten adorable and everything we hoped for, but the woman who was meeting with us gave me the impression I should know her from somewhere; that sense of familiarity that can stop you in your tracks.

As we chatted and made small talk during the course of the meeting, there were many things we seemed to have in common. I listened to the voice in my head that told me to ask for her name and phone number and follow up later. The kitten came home with us, and quickly earned the name of “Ellie,” short for “Elegant,” which we expect she will be when she matures to an adult cat.

As agreed, we started with a phone call to let her know how Ellie was adjusting. The conversation flowed to the point we decided to do lunch later that month.

To most people, this is something of little significance. To me, it is a new world opened. There are days when I am wishing I had someone just to chat with for a bit, and she will call out of the blue to say “HI!” Other days I see her post or comment on Facebook, and usually think, “Nice comment,” or “That really touched me in a special way.”

You see, making new friends is not easy for everyone. Regardless of age, we are either born to it or we are not. I learned early in life that quality, not quantity, is the key to healthy friendships, and those are far and few between.

I am also reminded of how first impressions are sometimes the most important things we give others. It makes a difference, whether we expect it to or not.

Every day begins and ends with the cuteness of an energetic and rambunctious kitty – which is a daily reminder of how important my new friend is to me. I am grateful to have opened my eyes when I had the opportunity to recognize a kindred spirit because of a rescued kitten.

Have you thought about that stranger that made you want to say something nice, but you didn’t? What if that was the opportunity to meet that new friend that brings fresh joy and objectiveness to your ho-hum life? If we all lived more willing to see people as reflections of something within ourselves, the world might be a better place and our days would be more pleasant.



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