Abusing power while wasting taxpayer funds is not a “strategy”

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Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood. Photo via UltraViolet

Speaker of the House John Boehner will resign effective the end of October. In what is sure to be the biggest distraction since the Pope”s visit, contenders for the House leadership are already “campaigning” on the public airways to claim their place as the rightful incoming leader.

Leading the pack, this week featured Rep. Kevin McCarthy, (R-CA), reasoning in both a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, and an interview with CNN’s  Jake Tapper, that the Benghazi investigation was not about finding facts – it was about discrediting Hillary Clinton far in advance of the 2016 Presidential Race, and this same strategy could be used to defund Planned Parenthood.

The Benghazi investigation has lasted two years and so far has wasted $14 million of taxpayer money. It was not done to benefit the families of the four Americans that lost their lives. It was a flag of false hope the Committee waved in front of grief-stricken people in order to achieve ulterior motives. Using the dead for political gain was not supposed to be part of the price these families paid.

To date, the Benghazi investigation has produced no evidence of wrong-doing. But the people involved realized how much fun they had shirking the responsibilities of running the government in order to demolish the reputation of Hillary Clinton. As though Rod Blagijevich had written it for them, they came to realize “this was golden – and we can do it again and again because no one is trying to stop us.”

Now, McCarthy thinks repeating this abuse of power and wasting more taxpayer money than would be defunded if they were successful is the best course forward for defunding Planned Parenthood, where 65 million low-income women receive their healthcare services for reproductive health, cancer screenings and wellness programs. He hinted in both interviews that using another “select committee” would be a great “strategy” moving forward.

At present, not a single state has found evidence of wrong-doing on Planned Parenthood’s part. States have either dropped any investigation all together, or have concluded through their investigation that no laws were broken. Yet, because politicians can not separate idealism from responsibility, the American people will once again be taken to the cleaners so conservatives can feel good about the stands they are making while holding the nation’s business hostage.

We believe enough is enough. We proudly stand with Planned Parenthood. Tell your elected officials it is time to stop wasting time on senseless and costly investigations that are fraudulent in purpose and return to the duties of their oaths of office. Anything less should result in a recall.

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