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Brother, Can You Spare a DIME?

In 2006, the United States Air Force developed a new brand of weaponry. The idea was to create a large explosion in a more compacted area than traditional munitions currently delivered. The weapon, according to the military magazine “Defence Tech”, is called DIME which means “Dense Inert Metal Explosive”. It is a carbon shell, that after discharge breaks into small splinters. At the same time, there is the explosion of a charge which shoots a blade of tungsten dust charged with energy which burns and destroys everything in the radius of four meters with a really precise slant. Tungsten is reported to be a cancer causing agent.

By mid-October of 2006, reports began to surface from the Gaza Strip from doctors and medics treating injuries from weaponry unlike anything they were familiar with. ” According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the weapon was launched from drones in the summer of 2006, most of them in July, and led to “abnormally serious” physical injuries. Physicians in the Gaza Strip noted the pattern of wounds they were treating were unusual, with severed legs that showed signs of severe heat at the point of amputation but no metal shrapnel,” reports an article from Global Security.

On January 14, 2009, Democracy Now published an article, “White Phosphorous and Dense Inert Metal Explosives: Is Israel Using Banned and Experimental Munitions in Gaza?” The report began, “Israel is coming under increasing criticism for its possible use of banned and experimental munitions. Human Rights Watch has accused Israel of illegally firing white phosphorous, which causes horrific burns if it comes in contact with the skin, over crowded refugee camps in Gaza. Medics and human rights groups are also reporting that they are seeing injuries distinctive of another controversial weapon, Dense Inert Metal Explosive, known as DIME, that was designed by the US Air Force in 2006. Those struck by the weapon who survive suffer severe mutilations and internal injuries.”

Forward to July 15, 2014, when Rania Khalek writes an article published on WilliamBowles.info, “Israel Firing Experimental Weapons At Gaza’s Civilians, Say Doctors.” Again, the major news outlets remain silent on the issue. Coverage includes the low to absent inventories of emergency supplies at the hospitals, and the fact that many of the doctors and medics have gone either unpaid or drastically reduced earnings as the government of the Gaza Strip struggles to move forward. The coverage has managed to garnish international support for the civilians of the Gaza Strip, while causing a division in support of Israel’s policies toward the region.

Occupy World Writes calls on Israel to re-think the use of DIME weaponry in the Gaza Strip. We reject the notion that civilians can be used as lab rats in the testing of new weaponry, be it developed by Israel or one of her allies. We feel the Israeli people must ask their government if the treatment of Palestinian civilians in a manner reflective of their own past persecution should be the best way to settle differences with one’s neighbor.

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