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The Greatest Security Risk

One of the big stories of the last month has been the hacking of the Sony Pictures corporate network.  For the last few weeks we’ve heard of the disclosures of Sony employees’ private emails, salaries and the like, leading up to this week’s decision of Sony Pictures to postpone the premiere and subsequent showings of their movie The Interview, after receiving threats of “9/11 type attacks” on theaters showing the film. 

When it was just the employee data being released, the talking heads in the media treated it more as a bad joke gone wrong that was played on Sony by some hackers. With the subsequent postponing of the film’s release and the assertion by the State Department that this was a cyberattack with ties to the North Korean government, the giggling turned into a “How dare they take away our freedom!” chorus that frankly is every bit as ridiculous as the first reaction. Continue reading

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