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It’s more than just the NHS that’s at risk in Scotland from TTIP

This article was originally published on December 11, 2014 on openDemocracy.
By Liz Murray

The EU/US Trade Deal poses a threat to Scottish Water’s plans to deprivatise failing PFI facilities.

A protest outside the Scottish Parliament against the smell at SeaField

Last week, a Europe-wide petition against TTIP, the controversial and aggressively neo-liberal free trade deal between the US and EU, reached 1 million signatures. More than 180,000 of those were from the UK. Another petition here in Scotland, calling on the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to oppose TTIP, gained almost 25,000 signatures.Opposition to TTIP is growing at an astonishing speed as the public discover how it threatens democracy, social justice, public services and national sovereignty.

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