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Separation Anxiety

“Life is what gets in the way while you are making other plans.”

Photo author's own work. ©2014 Occupy World Writes. Used by permission.

Photo author’s own work. ©2014 Occupy World Writes. Used by permission.

People move through life with expectations; the sun will come up tomorrow, the earth is round, the mail delivery will bring your bills and your vehicle will start when you turn the key. We also have expectations of others; your parents will always love you, your boss will reward you for a job well done, your friends will stand by you as well as protect you from yourself and your family will always be there in times of need.

Sometimes this flow of life gets interrupted. When this happens, the effects can be devastating. You can lose focus, motivation, drive and ambition in the same instant that an event occurs, even though you may not realize the consequences until further down the road. You can think you are prepared for any crisis, that nothing can deter you from your goals. But then it happens.

Everything changes.

Maybe it is through inconvenience of something not working, maybe a coworker or friend that lets you down. Perhaps it is the diagnosis of a terminal illness, the death of a family member or dear friend, even the death of a beloved pet is enough. Regardless the cause, the derailment is now before you, and you feel powerless to get things back to whatever “normal” might be.

Through a recent experience that has caused me to even be unable to write, I have learned something valuable. You will always benefit more when you take the time to allow the process of inner reflection to occur at its own pace. It teaches you to pause in life’s busy moments to appreciate things that otherwise would go unnoticed. It reminds you that everyone grieves their own way, in their own time and it is not for you to judge.

What does this have to do with Occupy World Writes and why is this post here? Because I am again reminded that until you have actually been in the shoes of those you are concerned for or about, you can not pass judgement on how you think they should act, feel or speak. Until you have suffered the same tragedy, been chased from your home by terrorists or war, been nearly starved to death, held in captivity against your will, suffered the burden of a corrupt government, or have been persecuted for your religious faith, do not judge those who have.

Occupy World Writes stands in solidarity with all those who understand personal grief, overcoming adversity and learning growth through the penalty of loss. As individuals and members of society, we feel it is the right of every individual to learn from tragedy in such a way that their life will become enriched over time from the experience. We also understand the importance of offering your support to those who are handed a platter of life’s cruel food. The next time someone seems out of sorts, take the time to ask them if you can help them through something somehow, and then listen to them when they answer.

Sometimes the soft voices are the ones that carry the most impact.

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