About Occupy World Writes

Brain-blue-shineWho are we?

Occupy World Writes is comprised of individuals that believe that journalism is not a crime, and that a free and open press in the pursuit of truth is essential to any civilized society. We recognize the need for perspectives major media outlets choose not to include in their content.

When this project was launched in 2013, it was done so to demonstrate that the Occupy Movement is based in the occupation of the consciousness, not an occupation of a physical space or a public building. It is about reacting to headlines with a critical eye and asking the questions few think of. We are apolitical and based in credible information that we feel should be considered in everyone’s thought process.


Our Mission Statement

We believe by bringing an occupation of the consciousness forward into public discussion, we can find answers to questions that seem to perplex our governments. We believe in peaceful resistance, until that resistance is met with such a deaf ear that the people must consider civil disobedience as an alternative. Our core belief is that all humanity deserves life; everyone has equal human rights and no country or government is superior to any other. Differences are not reasons to make wars or destabilize regions that choose societies different than any others.

We believe the people will only take so much, and that time has come.

What about donations?

Occupy World Writes is funded by donations from individuals as they see needs. Our costs are minimal at this time with no pressing need to ask for financial support.  We encourage you to do something in your community with funds you feel would make a difference, such as donating to shelters or food banks. You can also visit our LINKS page and click on any organization. Learn about their mission and donate where you find the compelling passion to do so. Be creative – this is how movements begin!

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