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Sanaz Nezami is seen in a photo provided by her sister, Sara Nezami.

Sanaz Nezami is seen in a photo provided by her sister, Sara Nezami.

There are those in our society that turn a blind eye to domestic violence. There is nowhere in the world where women can feel truly safe from violence against them.

The most insidious of this violence is when it is delivered by the hand of someone the victim trusts and loves – their spouse.

So imagine, if you dare, the nightmare of a family who recently celebrated their daughter’s marriage and moving to a foreign country. Then, to find out she has been beaten fatally – and with only hours of life left, your only means of providing her comfort is through an internet connection and asking a nursing staff to act on your behalf. Seem unlikely?

Woman dies in Michigan as Iran family weeps while watching over Internet

What is wrong with society when any person can beat another to death? What have we as a society sunk to, when outrage is not our first reaction? What if it were your daughter? Sister? Mother? Friend? How do we stop the madness?

Editorial Note: There are times when the stories we read hit home more than others. As a survivor of domestic abuse, I could not help but conclude that this could have been me. I live with a disability as a result of the violence. But at least I get to live. Others, like this beautiful, bright and promising young woman, do not survive. Sanaz will never be forgotten. It is her story that gives determination to all of us, that this MUST STOP.

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