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Refugees Welcome: A Storefront Sticker Campaign by Veda Partalo and Burlesque

To change what is happening, we all must take action. Here’s a simple way that makes the message clear. Businesses, homes, community centers and government buildings need to display these stickers.

Window stickers that say "Refugees Welcome" are being shipped all over the country and the world. Image via Facebook.

Window stickers that say “Refugees Welcome” are being shipped all over the country and around the world. Image via Facebook.

How can someone know that they’re welcome in a new place? What can we do to tell them they are? In response to the current refugee crisis and harsh anti-refugee sentiments harbored and broadcasted by some Americans, Veda Partalo collaborated with Mike Davis and Wes Winship of Burlesque of North America to create a set of window stickers which will enable local businesses to create visibly welcoming environments for recent refugees. Haley Ryan, a digital content intern at the Walker Art Center, spoke with Partalo and Davis about the process of creating these stickers, from initial ideas to design and distribution.

Her full interview with Partalo and Davis can be found at the Walker Art Center blog.


The stickers can be ordered through Burlesque of North America, or you can print some yourself. If you do your own printing, do the right thing and make a donation or contribution to the Walker Art Center in Haley Ryan’s name, or send a donation to Burlesque of North America.

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