How Much Is Enough?


Image by Emmanuel Saez [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image by Emmanuel Saez [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How much is enough? Who decides what can be “owned” versus what belongs to humanity as a collective? In the US, we have seen our federal minimum wage increase 3 times over a 25 year time span, during which time Congress was able to raise their own salary 13 times. While our income level at the bottom percentile of our workers has risen 4% since 2008, we have witnessed the salaries of top CEO and hedge fund managers grow by over 400%. What happens when these polar opposites continue at their current rate? How long before we reach a tipping point that is not survivable by the majority of those at the bottom?

I am not on expert on the economy, nor am I versed in banking and financing philosophies. But I am a member of the 99%, meaning we have a very large group in our boat. The problems in America regarding income inequality are somewhat benign in comparison to what many countries face.  The following articles discuss some of the issues we need to consider in a much more educated, researched and validated study than I could ever do on my own.
Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%
Americans Are Terrible at Estimating Income Inequality
Editorial: So damned unfair: Income inequality threatens the American dream

Obviously, this discussion has barely began. What can you contribute that helps us comprehend the magnitude of this issue from your perspective?


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2 thoughts on “How Much Is Enough?

  1. Neil Fagerhaugh

    Another source about this subject is the book, “How much is enough”, by Robert & Edward Skidelsky. Lots of theory and history of the eternal struggle within each of us to acquire lots of stuff. Authors suggest we here in the U.S. can no longer distinguish between “needs” and “wants”.

    1. whitesmoke

      Like most other Americans, I had to work Friday after Thanksgiving, and so was unable to attend protests.
      Although I apologize for the lack of active solidarity, please be advised I just had to spring for a new roof on my double-wide and gots to pay for it somehow. For the life of me, I don’t see how we can pay hard working folks less than a living wage and then complain about the billions shelled out in food stamps and other gov’t assistance. If this makes sense to anyone out there, please see me in my office and explain it to me. Although I make somewhat above minimum wage, I recently reviewed my Social Security statement and discovered I make exactly what I did in nineteen and eighty four. I just had to laugh – mostly to hold the tears back. I’ve had some folks ask me why in the world we keep putting up with this, and I tell them the answer is pretty obvious: We could all get together and do something, but hey, look, Kim Kardashian’s butt on the internet! Well, that’s my theory anyway..


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