Solidarity Matters

We believe strength comes from standing together in Solidarity with others facing struggles which may or may not be similar to our own. By understanding we are all connected in the mind and spirit of bringing change for the betterment of the 99%, we agree that regardless of location, your cause is all our cause, your issue becomes all our issue, your struggle becomes all our struggle. Send us news stories pertaining to the issues you face so others can stand in Solidarity with you.

Syrian rebels launch fierce offensive against al Qaeda fighters
Barrel bombs ‘kill 517 in Aleppo since 15 December’
Syria misses deadline to remove chemical weapons
Syria government air strikes kill dozens in Aleppo
Desperate Syrian rebels turn homes into weapons factories
UN makes record funding appeal for Syria
Fresh Ukraine protests draw thousands onto Kiev streets
Ukraine’s capital Kiev gripped by huge pro-EU demonstration
Russia deal saved Ukraine from bankruptcy – PM Azarov
Egypt in 2014: More demonstrations to come
Egypt crisis: Al-Jazeera journalists arrested in Cairo
Mohammed Morsi faces Egypt terrorism charges

Photo: DPA

Hundreds injured in Hamburg riots
Amazon workers in Germany strike as Christmas orders peak
Thai protester shot dead amid rising tensions in Bangkok
In Thailand, Standing Up for Less Democracy (The 1% Protests)
Execution prompts surprise, fear inside North Korea
Greece assumes EU presidency as anger towards Brussels grows
Greece leaving the euro could be the spring surprise
Greece Eases Protection on Troubled Mortgages
Spain vows to block Catalonia’s drive for independence as referendum announced
Cambodian Opposition Leaders Go Into Hiding Amid Protest Crackdown

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MNgranny has been an activist since the age of 17. After earning a BA in Mass Communications and enjoying a 30 year career, she is now disabled and dedicates her life to that activism. Her experiences include volunteering in community service organizations and taking leadership roles throughout her academic and professional life. She is also a survivor of rape and domestic violence, a published author and a master naturalist. She is also a professional member of the United States Press Association. She has focused for the last several years and specializes in Kurdish history, culture and politics.

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