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This Wondrous National Park… Brought to You By McDonald’s?

Quietly approved reforms by National Park Service that would allow corporate sponsorship and advertisements called a “disgrace” by public advocacy group

By Jon Queally, staff writer for Common Dreams. Published 1-4-2017

“Now that this policy has been finalized,” warned Kristen Strader of Public Citizen, “park visitors soon could be greeted with various forms of advertisements, like a sign reading ‘brought to you by McDonald’s’ within a new visitor’s center at Yosemite, or ‘Budweiser’ in script on a park bench at Acadia.”

A controversial set of new rules quietly given final approval over the recent holiday—allowing national parks in the United States to expand corporate sponsorships and commercial contracts with private companies—is being called a “disgrace” by those who say the move is a betrayal of what the nation’s parks should be.

Despite outcry from citizens, documented in public testimony and hundreds of thousands petition signatures, the director of the National Park Service Jonathan B. Jarvis announced on December 28 that he had signed an order—officially titled Order #21 on Donations and Philanthropic Partnerships—which, among other changes, ends an outright ban on commercial advertising and lifts restrictions on naming rights in parks. Continue reading

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