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‘Stop Cop City’ Campaigners Decry State’s Refusal to Charge Georgia Troopers Who Shot Activist 57 Times

“The system has, once again, declared its own innocence,” lamented one activist after a Georgia prosecutor’s office said it would not charge the killers of Manuel Terán, better known as “Tortuguita.”

By Brett Wilkins. Published 10-6-2023 by Common Dreams

Manuel Terán, aka “Tortuguita”—”Little Turtle”—was shot and killed by police outside Atlanta, Georgia on January 18, 2022. (Photo: Unicorn Riot)

Human rights advocates on Friday condemned a Georgia prosecutor’s decision to not charge the state troopers who fatally shot forest defender Manuel Esteban Paez Terán—better known as “Tortuguita”—during a militarized January raid at a Stop Cop City protest camp outside Atlanta.

“The system has, once again, declared its own innocence,” Stop Cop City activist Micah Herskind wrote on social media in response to the decision by the Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s office.

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