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Israel Launches Week-Long Bombing Campaign in Gaza Amid Ongoing War Crimes Investigation

Israeli leaders have characterized the latest bombardment as retaliatory, citing “incendiary balloons” and “riots” as justification.

By Kathryn Shihadah   Published 8-18-2020 by MintPress News

Israeli bombing of Gaza on 8-12-2020. Photo: Sucheta/Twitter

Last Monday night Israeli fighter jets executed airstrikes on the besieged Gaza Strip for the ninth night in a row in an act that may be another on Israel’s long list of possible war crimes.

Israeli leaders characterized the actions as retaliatory, naming Gazan “incendiary balloons” and “riots” as justification. Continue reading

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Israel vs Palestine: David & Goliath in 2015

The United Nations HRC (Human Rights Council) is scheduled to release a 277-page report this week regarding findings of their investigation into the 2014 Gaza War. The Israeli response to Hamas-fired rockets was a 50-day campaign of shelling, air strikes and ground encroachment resulting in more than 2,256 Palestinians killed, including 1,563 civilians, a U.N. report said last March. Sixty-seven Israeli soldiers and six civilians in Israel also died in the conflict.

The HRC began their investigation last July, and held earlier findings to consider further evidence.

Tribute to four boys killed on Gaza beach. Image via Twitter.

Tribute to four boys killed on Gaza beach. Image via Twitter.

Most everyone has seen the horrifying footage of the four Palestinian teenage boys running for their lives on the beach last summer. Most of us remember that the Israeli military killed those four children only because they could, not because the boys posed any threat at all. And no one can forget the footage of the families of these kids finding out their most precious thing in life was ripped from them. The Israelis issued a report totally exonerating themselves of all wrong doing for this incident.

The Senator from Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has proclaimed the HRC report to be a waste of time. Israel is now releasing their own findings of their own investigation, and have decided after careful and thoughtful consideration, that the Gaza War campaign was a completely legal military exercise meant only for Israel to protect herself. The UN numbers are disputed, the total devastation is disregarded, and the report is labeled as objective. Continue reading

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