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Man Who Raped and Impregnated 12-Year-Old Now Has Joint Custody of Her Child

By . Published 10-10-2017 by The Anti-Media

Sanilac County, MI — A 27-year-old Michigan man who allegedly raped and impregnated a 12-year-old girl nine years ago has just been granted joint custody of the child, against the mother’s wishes.

The Detroit News reports that Sanilac County Circuit court Judge Gregory S. Ross granted the convicted sexual assailant, Christopher Mirasolo, joint legal custody after a DNA test established he was the father. The story was reportedly first highlighted on “The Steve Gruber Show,” a radio program based out of Lansing, Michigan. Continue reading

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Pushing ‘False Equivalence’ Between Survivors and the Accused, DeVos to Roll Back Title IX

After meeting with fringe “mens’ rights” group, Education Secretary will re-examine guidance that protects campus assault survivors

By Julia Conley, staff writer for Common Dreams. Published 9-7-2017

Protesters left signs outside the Department of Education on Thursday as Secretary Betsy DeVos announced she would open a comment period before rolling back Title IX guidance. (Photo: @gregpiper/Twitter)

Advocates for sexual assault survivors criticized the Trump administration’s announcement on Thursday that it would roll back Obama-era guidance on campus assault.

As dozens of protesters gathered outside to demand continued protections for survivors, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said in a speech at George Mason University that the administration will begin a public comment period as it restructures its sexual assault policy—but she made clear that she would not uphold the previous administration’s guidance. Continue reading

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Rights Groups Prepare for Fight Against Arkansas’ Man-Approved Abortion Law

Law would require any woman seeking an abortion to get permission from the man who impregnated her

By Julia Conley, staff writer for Common Dreams. Published 7-11-2017

Arkansas legislators have drawn harsh criticism from women’s rights groups after passing four new laws that would severely restrict abortion access. (Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr/cc)

A hearing is scheduled for Thursday in the American Civil Liberties Union’s suit to block several new anti-reproductive rights laws that have passed in Arkansas, which would impose severe restrictions on women’s abortion access in the state.

The group has joined with the Center for Reproductive Rights to keep the laws from going into effect, starting at the end of July. Continue reading

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#PutMyFaceOnIt Launched to Begin Social Media Reality Check

As the fallout from the elections on Tuesday continue to take place, we are observing conversations on social media that are further deepening the divide that threatens the unity of this nation.

Most of us have friends or family that may have voted opposite of how we voted, if people chose to vote at all. (Only about half the electorate chose to exercise this right in the 2016 election.) Some have described this as “urban vs. rural”; others saying “intellectual vs. uneducated” and many other descriptors that fall in-between.

What ever it is, if each of us were to take that conversation that rips through you and enhances your fears or emotions, ask them to #PutMyFaceOnIt.

Insert your photo, copy and edit the following to make it personal. Tell that “friend” that when they are talking about these things, they are talking about you.


Insert Your Photo Here








Dear “Friend,”
When you are talking about “those protestors,” you are talking about me.
When you are talking about “those libtards,” you are talking about me.
When you are talking about “those people,” you are talking about me.
If this is truly how you feel about ME, I can no longer look at you as a friend I can trust. I can no longer feel that you see me as equal to you; you have crucified me with the rest of “those people.” In order for us to all have a clear understanding of who my friends REALLY are, if that is how you actually feel, please “UNFRIEND” me.

Thank you,
One of “those” people

Embellish this as much as you can. Add every area that this has affected you. GET REAL.

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‘Hands Off My Birth Control’: Activists Demand US Supreme Court Protect Women’s Health

‘Denying any woman the healthcare she needs and is guaranteed by law is discrimination, plain and simple’

By Nika Knight, staff writer for Common Dreams. Published 3-23-2016

'The question is, will the Court sanction the use of religion to discriminate?' wonders an American Civil Liberties Union legal expert. (Photo: Planned Parenthood/Twitter)

‘The question is, will the Court sanction the use of religion to discriminate?’ wonders an American Civil Liberties Union legal expert. (Photo: Planned Parenthood/Twitter)

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments on Wednesday in Zubik v. Burwell, a reproductive rights case with high stakes and implications “far beyond the realm of reproductive healthcare,” as ProPublica observed.

In a case reminiscent of Hobby Lobby’s successful suit that permitted the for-profit corporation to refuse its employees healthcare coverage for birth control, in Zubik v. Burwell religious organizations argue that allowing their female employees to access birth control—even birth control provided by a third party—violates their religious rights. Continue reading

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Where do women belong in Indian cities?

While men can be seen hanging around, women are expected to have a purpose for being outdoors. This question must be addressed.

By Asiya Islam. Published 2-26-2016 at openDemocracy

A woman sits in front of her shop near Aligarh. Evonne/Flickr. Some rights reserved.

A woman sits in front of her shop near Aligarh. Evonne/Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Every time I go back to Aligarh, my hometown in India, I see a new eating spot. McDonald’s, KFC, Domino’s and Café Coffee Day are very recent additions to the city. Aligarh, pretty much like Oxford and Cambridge, is primarily a university city although it is also known for lock making and some handicrafts. When I went to the Women’s College, Aligarh Muslim University for my Bachelor’s almost a decade ago, I hung out mostly at the canteens in the college and university and went for lunch to local restaurants. The big city offerings of coffee, fried chicken and burgers were not around then (the closest we got to international cuisine was spicy chowmein which was probably more Indian than Chinese); those were the temptations of Delhi, the metropolis nearest to us. Continue reading

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Rights Groups Demand DOJ Probe Abortion Clinic Violence as ‘What It Is: Domestic Terrorism’

“These attacks on clinics are part of a long history of ideologically-driven violence. They’re perpetrated by an extreme minority that’s committed to ruling through fear and intimidation.”

By Nadia Prupis, staff writer for Common Dreams. Published 12-2-2015

Screenshot via YouTube

Screenshot via YouTube

Reproductive rights groups are formally calling on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate recent attacks on Planned Parenthood clinics, including last Friday’s shooting in Colorado, as acts of domestic terrorism—sparked by “hateful rhetoric” from Republican leaders and anti-choice organizations.

“These attacks on clinics are part of a long history of ideologically-driven violence. They’re perpetrated by an extreme minority that’s committed to ruling through fear and intimidation,” a coalition of advocacy groups comprising NARAL, UltraViolet, CREDO Action, and the Courage Campaign wrote in a recent petition to Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding the inquiry. “Let’s call it what this is—domestic terrorism.”

Just 48 hours before a gunman opened fire in a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs last Friday, killing three people and wounding nine, the coalition had also asked the DOJ for help protecting patients and staff from death threats. Since the shooting, the petition has garnered over 300,000 signatures and the support of more than 140 reproductive rights groups and abortion providers. Continue reading

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Supreme Court to Hear ‘Most Important Abortion Rights Case in 25 Years’

Draconian law already ‘causing real harm to women across the state of Texas,’ says women’s health advocate

By Deirdre Fulton, staff writer for Common Dreams. Published 11-13-2015

The court has not heard a major abortion case since 2007. (Photo: ian mcwilliams/flickr/cc)

The court has not heard a major abortion case since 2007. (Photo: ian mcwilliams/flickr/cc)

Setting the stage for what a leading women’s health advocate said will be “the most important abortion rights case in almost 25 years,” the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday agreed (pdf) to review a “draconian” Texas law designed to shut down clinics that provide safe, legal abortion services.

“Today the Supreme Court took an important step toward restoring the constitutional rights of millions of women, which Texas politicians have spent years dismantling through deceptive laws and regulatory red tape,” said Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, which brought the case on behalf of a coalition of women’s health providers. “We are confident the Court will recognize that these laws are a sham and stop these political attacks on women’s rights, dignity, and access to safe, legal essential health care.” Continue reading

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Breaking the Silence: What Rape Feels Like

The investigator leaned across his desk.

“What were you wearing?” He asked as if that made a difference. When my answer didn’t satisfy him, he asked the next one.

“Had you been drinking/”

Questions like these not only signaled to me that somehow this person felt it necessary to place partial blame on me for the crime I was victim to.

By U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Airman 1st Class Kenna Jackson [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

By U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Airman 1st Class Kenna Jackson [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s what really happened.

It was 11:30 pm.

I left my job and walked to my car. Jolted by the cold wind, I unlocked the door and slipped inside as quickly as I could.

Before I could insert the key into the ignition, I felt his arm around my neck. I smelled the stench of his breath and felt its heat on the back of my neck as every hair raised in a cold chill. His other hand came from the side, showing me the gun it held.

He somehow pulled me into the back seat and held the gun to my head as he demanded I remove my slacks. His assault was brutal, each thrust a pain like a knife as my body rejected him despite the gun. By the time he was done I was swallowing my own vomit to prevent him from pulling the trigger.

After relieving my stomach and finding what was left of my clothing, I drove to my apartment and stumbled up the flight of steps. Without thinking, I ignored my roommates and went immediately to the bathroom, where I threw up again and began filling the bathtub. I wanted the smell, feel and memory of him gone.

It took four days for close friends to talk me into reporting the incident.

After picking the person out of a photo identification process, I was told to go home and I would hear something soon. I’m still waiting. This happened in 1980.

I still carry the scars today. From the PTSD diagnosis to just not feeling at ease around strangers, daily reminders of my nightmare creep into my current world.

We have gained little since then – in how we handle rape victims and in how we punish the rapist. 68% of rapes are never reported to the police. 98% of rapists will never spend a day in jail or prison.

The most offensive are the men that take it upon themselves to discuss rape like they are an authority on the subject; unless they are a rapist or a victim, they are not. I hear politicians say things that not only are insulting, they continue to place blame on the victim. Our justice system will be more lenient on a rapist than any other charge – because they think it is a “he said, she said” argument.

And now – to make everything even worse – we are hearing discussions about the rights of the father and how a raped woman should not be allowed to abort the unwanted pregnancy. Forced indenturehood has a name in our country, it is called slavery.

This is no longer a women’s issue. This is a national crisis. We have all the money in the world to pour into a military budget, so men can go blow things up somewhere, but we will not spend an additional dime to protect our own mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. We expect them to protect themselves, and if that plan fails, we blame them by asking what they were wearing, if they had been drinking, or did they ever smile at the person.

What are you going to do to help change this?

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Abusing power while wasting taxpayer funds is not a “strategy”

Photo via UltraViolet

Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood. Photo via UltraViolet

Speaker of the House John Boehner will resign effective the end of October. In what is sure to be the biggest distraction since the Pope”s visit, contenders for the House leadership are already “campaigning” on the public airways to claim their place as the rightful incoming leader.

Leading the pack, this week featured Rep. Kevin McCarthy, (R-CA), reasoning in both a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity, and an interview with CNN’s  Jake Tapper, that the Benghazi investigation was not about finding facts – it was about discrediting Hillary Clinton far in advance of the 2016 Presidential Race, and this same strategy could be used to defund Planned Parenthood.

The Benghazi investigation has lasted two years and so far has wasted $14 million of taxpayer money. It was not done to benefit the families of the four Americans that lost their lives. It was a flag of false hope the Committee waved in front of grief-stricken people in order to achieve ulterior motives. Using the dead for political gain was not supposed to be part of the price these families paid.

To date, the Benghazi investigation has produced no evidence of wrong-doing. But the people involved realized how much fun they had shirking the responsibilities of running the government in order to demolish the reputation of Hillary Clinton. As though Rod Blagijevich had written it for them, they came to realize “this was golden – and we can do it again and again because no one is trying to stop us.”

Now, McCarthy thinks repeating this abuse of power and wasting more taxpayer money than would be defunded if they were successful is the best course forward for defunding Planned Parenthood, where 65 million low-income women receive their healthcare services for reproductive health, cancer screenings and wellness programs. He hinted in both interviews that using another “select committee” would be a great “strategy” moving forward.

At present, not a single state has found evidence of wrong-doing on Planned Parenthood’s part. States have either dropped any investigation all together, or have concluded through their investigation that no laws were broken. Yet, because politicians can not separate idealism from responsibility, the American people will once again be taken to the cleaners so conservatives can feel good about the stands they are making while holding the nation’s business hostage.

We believe enough is enough. We proudly stand with Planned Parenthood. Tell your elected officials it is time to stop wasting time on senseless and costly investigations that are fraudulent in purpose and return to the duties of their oaths of office. Anything less should result in a recall.

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